NYNU Holds Work Arrangement Meeting for 2021 Welcoming Freshmen and Entrance Education

On the afternoon of October 4, NYNU held the 2021 orientation and admission education meeting in the east conference room on the first floor of the office building in order to ensure the safe orderly admission of new students. Xiong Xinzhong, vice president of NYNU attended the meeting. Members of the leading group of the university's orientation work and deputy party secretaries of all schools attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Liu Zonghao, deputy director of the Student Affairs Office, arranged the deployment and task breakdown of orientation and admission education, and clarified the main responsibilities and specific work of each functional department and secondary schools.

Xiong stressed that this year's orientation has two characteristics: the serious epidemic prevention and control situation, and the large enrollment scale. Each unit should attach great importance, prepare carefully, pay attention to details, and display a good image of NYNU to every fresher and their parents.  We need to make careful arrangements, specify the work plan of welcoming new students according to the division of responsibilities, and pay attention to every new student in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. And we should also strengthen the service, give full play to the role of party members, old students and volunteers in welcoming new students, so that every new student enters NYNU safely, conveniently and orderly, and the new semester starts safely.




Written by: Xu Haibin

Photo by: Guo Ting

Edited by: Zhang Junming

Source: NYNU News (Chinese)


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