2021 Celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the 70th Anniversary of NYNU Held

In the celebration

President Zhang Baofeng giving an opening speech

Vice president Liu Honglin hosting the celebration

In the celebration

In the celebration

The Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, coincided with the 70th anniversary of the founding of Nanyang Normal University this year. On the evening of September 17th, in order to carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, strengthen the cultural exchanges between teachers and students from home and abroad, enhance the friendship between teachers and students and alumni, School of International Education and Alumni Office jointly organized the celebrating activity for Mid-Autumn Festival and the anniversary. President Zhang Baofeng, vice presidents Luo Yongsong and Liu Honglin attended the meeting. Alumni representatives, Chinese and international teachers and students representatives attended. Due to epidemic prevention and control, part of teachers, students and alumni participated in the interaction through online live broadcast and sent video messages of blessing. The activity was hosted by vice president Liu Honglin.

President Zhang Baofeng delivered a speech. He extended cordial greetings to the faculty, students and alumni, saying that the university is always the home of the faculty, students and alumni. He inspired teachers, students and alumni to work together to build a beautiful campus and promote development together with the brilliant achievements during the 13th five-year plan period and the long-range goals of the 14th five-year plan.

This activity deepened relations between teachers and students, alumni, international students' understanding of the unique cultural connotation of Chinese traditional culture and festival customs, publicized the achievements of the university, stimulated international students' interest in Learning Chinese, enhanced the friendship and mutual learning between Chinese and foreign civilizations, and promoted the friendship between Chinese and foreign peoples. It has deepened the concept of global cooperation in fighting COVID-19 and building a community with a shared future for mankind, and conveyed to the world the true love of "harmony in diversity, beauty in unity".

Written by: Cao Lu Man, Fu Zhongxin

Photo by: Fu Zhonghui, Song Qinghua

Edited by: Shi Shujing
Source: NYNU News (Chinese) 


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