[Honor]Achievements from the 12th China College Students Casting Process Design Contest

Recently, prizes of the 12th China College Students Casting Process Design Competition were announced. The team (FanYuxin, Wu Junhao, Rong Panpan, and Li Mingquan) from School of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Engineering won the first prize under the guidance of their teacher, Gao Yuanfei. The four participating students were awarded the professional and technical qualifications: Apprentice Foundry Engineers.

A total of 312 entries were submitted by 2,979 students from 72 universities across China, including Harbin Institute of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Northeastern University and Dalian University of Technology, etc. A total of 21 first prizes and 25 second prizes were awarded.


The China College Students Casting Process Design Competition is one of the professional competitions of the China College Students Mechanical Engineering Innovation and Creativity Competition series. It is sponsored by the China Mechanical Engineering Society and organized by the Casting Branch of the China Mechanical Engineering Society. In February 2020, the competition was selected into the 2015-2019 National University Discipline Competition Rankings and officially entered the national competition sequence of the Ministry of Education. In 2021, it was selected again in the 2020 National University Discipline Competition Ranking. The competition aims to guide and enhance the independent learning ability of college students, strengthen the ability of innovation and practice, cultivate the spirit of teamwork, enhance the communication and cooperation between domestic universities, and cultivate excellent engineering talents majoring in materials.



Written and Photo by: Gao Yuanfei

Edited by: Li Duruo
Source: NYNU News (Chinese) 



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