Effective Measures Taken in Epidemic Prevention for International Teachers and Students

Recently, there have been sporadic outbreaks in China. NYNU attaches great importance to the epidemic prevention for foreign teachers and students. The International Exchange and Cooperation Office strictly implements epidemic prevention measures and improves the management and service system to create a better working and living atmosphere for foreign teachers and students.       

One is to strengthen the management of foreign teachers and students going out, and provide the access card for them in the community and campus. Second, in accordance with the principle of “no going out if not necessary”, special personnel has been assigned to purchase daily necessities and food regularly to ensure the normal life of international students. They  purchase items for each foreign teacher and student, and distribute epidemic prevention supplies and daily necessities. Third, in addition to regular meals, the school cafeteria has also offered Islamic food, in order to ensure food safety during the epidemic period, and the school supermarket has increased the variety of goods.





Written by: Cao Luman

Edited by: Shi Shujing

Source: NYNU News (Chinese)


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