International Teachers and Students Carried out Research Activities

From July 17 to 19, the international teachers and students of NYNU carried out the first of a series of research activities: Walking into Central Plains, Experiencing Henan.

On July 17, the research group went to Lankao County, Kaifeng city. They visited the Museum of Lankao County, Jiaotong, the Yellow River Pavilion inspected by Chairman Mao Zedong and Jiao Yulu Memorial.

On July 18, the group arrived in Anyang. They visited the national Museum of Chinese Characters. There they were introduced the discovery, excavation, and research of oracle bone inscriptions, the origin, development, and evolution of Chinese characters. Then they visited Yin Ruins, the ruins of the capital city of Shang Dynasty, which was the earliest one recorded in history and also proved by archaeology and the oracle bone inscriptions.

On July 19, the group went to Youli Town in Tangyin County, the birthplace of Zhouyi culture. There they experienced the extensive and profound cultural connotation of Zhouyi culture. They also visited Yue Fei Temple and knew about the great patriotic hero.

Written by: Zuo Ying

Photos by: Zheng Ping

Edited by: Li Duruo

Source: NYNU News (Chinese)

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