Ancient History of China

Based on the research advantages of Center for Han Culture----the key research base of Henan Humanities and Social Sciences, Ancient History of China is one of the eighth group of provincial key disciplines. The discipline focuses on three main areas: ancient politics and culture with Han Dynasties as the core, Nanyang regional culture with Han Stone Gravings as the core, and ancient ideology and culture of China with ideology in Han Dynasty as the core. The center includes four institutes: Institute for the History of Han Dynasties, Institute for Literature and Folklore of Han Dynasties, Institute for Art of Han Dynasties, and Institute for Zhuge Liang. It also has three unique exhibition halls: Cultural Relics Museum of Han Dynasties, Money Museum, and Han Stone Gravings Museum, which are rare in similar disciplines. It also has two teaching practice bases: Han Stone Gravings Gallery of Nanyang and Neixiang Local Magistrate’s Office.

The discipline base now has thirty professors, nine associate professors, and three lecturers. It has also invited many experts to be guest professors or part-time experts.

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