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Nanyang Normal University Alumni Association was founded in August, 2012, as an affiliated sector to the Office of the President. Nanyang Normal University highly values alumni relationship and views it as the source of inspiration and reliable support. The Alumni Association strives to fulfill the objectives of strengthening the relationship between the alumni and the Alma Mater as well as the relationship among the alumni themselves, uniting all the alumni to promote their career development, serving for the expansion and prosperity of the Alma Mater and feeding back to the society.

The responsibilities of the Alumni Association are as follows: to enlist support of the alumni from all places to establish a general association through unremitting efforts; to unite, guide and organize the alumni to conduct close communication and cooperation in all undertakings which include contacting and serving the alumni to strengthen the bond between the alumni and the Alma Mater; organizing and coordinating alumni’s return to school; giving aid to set up branches at home and around the world; assisting the alumni in giving various kinds of donations; constructing an information database for collecting, sorting out and updating materials; building up a platform for alumni interaction through timely website maintenance and WeChat public number; publishing regular newsletters to publicize pertinent information about the Alma Mater and the alumni. Above all, the ultimate goal of the Alumni Association is to create a spiritual home for all the alumni, uniting all of them to better the Alma Mater and the whole society.

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