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Nanyang Normal University is a provincial comprehensive institution of higher learning. It is located in Nanyang, a cultural city that is said to be the home to a significant number of outstanding historical figures. The university stands near to the world-renowned Wuhou Memorial Temple, commanding a broad view of Dushan Mountain to the north and the Baihe River-scape to the south, making it a perfect place for academic pursuit and self-cultivation.

In retrospection, with the guidance of the scientific outlook on development and the full-hearted support from all walks of life, we have made every endeavor to grasp the opportunity and forge ahead with innovation, resulting in the marked accomplishments in quality-project construction, talents cultivation, scientific research and social services. Meanwhile, the overall strength and core competitiveness of the university has been greatly escalated and it promises an ever-developing trend. In 2007, we passed with honors the quality assessment of undergraduate teaching by the Ministry of Education and in 2011, we are authorized to run graduate program, setting the university in a new growth period.

In prospect, I foresee opportunities and challenges that Nanyang Normal University is to embrace. Standing on a new historic starting point and being faced with higher requirements of teaching and the deepening of educational reforms, we should keep sober-minded to grasp significant opportunities in the construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone. Combining the utilization of educational resources with the construction of Economic Zone, we shall cultivate application-oriented talents, contribute practical research results and seek break-throughs in exploration, shaping the university into a comprehensive teaching-oriented academy with distinctive local characteristics.

It takes ten years to grow trees but a hundred years to rear people. Education is a sacred, challenging and worthwhile career. As I contemplate the future of the university with confidence and passion, I thank all members of the Nanyang Normal community for your dedication to the university. I thank all friends for your unstinted support to our university. We are looking forward to promoting exchanges and cooperation with the academic community at home and around the world, and also we are expecting more youths of aspiration to study at Nanyang Normal University.

Wang Liya


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