A Delegation of Volkswagen AG Visits NYNU

On September 16, a delegation of Volkswagen AG paid a visit to NYNU, headed by Professor Thacker, its former Chief Legal Officer, and Dr. Luan Qian at Humboldt University of Berlin. A symposium was held in the conference room of the Office Building, at which related officials and young teachers from NYNU were present.

President Lu Zhiwen extended warm welcome to the delegation and made a brief introduction of NYNU from perspectives of history and development, construction of subjects, achievements in scientific research and international cooperation. Thinking much of the reputation and capability of Humboldt University and Volkswagen AG, President Lu anticipated that there could be in-depth cooperation with them in terms of university-industry collaboration, cooperative running of schools, cultivation of talents and the like.

On the afternoon, vice-president Kan Yunchao had a deep and detailed discussion with representatives from Humboldt University and Volkswagen AG about cooperation of co-building the Institute of Automobile. Speaking highly of foundation and prospect of NYNU, professor Thacker and Dr. Luan Qian expressed their anticipation for further cooperation and communication.


Written by: Xiao Hongjing

Photos by: Xiao Hongjing

Edited by: Shi Shujing

Source: NYNU News (Chinese)


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