Professor Zhai Zhicheng at Taiwan's Academia Sinica Gives Lectures at NYNU

April 29, 2016

On April 27, Zhai Zhicheng, researcher at Taiwan's Academia Sinica and professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, was invited to give lectures at Nanyang Normal University (NYNU). On that morning, Professor Zhai had academic exchanges with teachers and researchers on the philosophical thoughts of Feng Youlan in the Lecture Hall of the Han Culture Research Center.

Audience Listening to the Lecture

On the evening of the same day, he gave a symposium on the decline and renaissance of the contemporary Neo-Confucianism in Hong Kong and Taiwan in the conference room of the Technology Building where over two hundred representatives from Feng Youlan Institute, School of Literature and History as well as School Of Marxism at NYNU were present. At the symposium, Professor Zhai presented the introduction, review and prospect of Neo-Confucianism in Hong Kong and Taiwan, elaborated his own perspective on the contemporary Neo-Confucianism indicating the great importance to combine theory with reality, and replied to students’ questions with patience in the interaction with them. Both academic activities were hosted by Nie Zhentao, a retired teacher from NYNU. 

Professor Zhai Zhicheng and Host Nie Zhentao

Afterward, Professor Zhai paid a visit to the museum of NYNU, and then, accompanied by teachers from the Office of International Exchanges and the Han Culture Research Center, went to the hometown and memorial of Feng Youlan in Tanghe County, memorial temples of Zhang Zhongjing and Zhu Geliang as well as Museum of Han Stone Gravings in the downtown of Nanyang City, expressing his appreciation for the culture and custom of the city where the renowned philosopher Feng Youlan was born.
Zhai Zhicheng, who obtained Ph.D of the University of California, Berkeley, is now the Board Director of Hong Kong New Asia College and Director of Chinese Feng Youlan Research Association. Being proficient in Neo-Confucianism put forward by Feng Youlan, he has a reputation for his unique works predominant in the academic field.

Written by: Ding Dongliang; Xie Xianhui; Yu Jingsong

Photos by: Guo Lihuan

Edited by: Zhang Junming

Source: NYNU News (Chinese)

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