International Students
Price List for International Students at Nanyang Normal University


 Application fee:  800 RMB


    None-Degree Students:

      Long-term language students    5,000 RMB/Year

      Short-term language students    3,000 RMB/Year (3-6 months))

    Degree Students:               7,000 RMB/Year

Special scholarship is for distinguished foreign students who are pursuing the degree study and only 20% of the total number is covered (among which full scholarship and partial scholarship are evenly divided).   

Programs available: dominant specialties of Nanyang Normal University

Requirements: no criminal record, no bad habits, complete school record (including grades, graduation certificate, rewards, etc.)

Proficiency in Chinese language: Degree students are required to receive HSK of level 4


(For language students) all the fees should be paid before the entrance; (For degree students) the first year’s fees should be paid before the entrance.

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